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A Delicious Look at Our Menus

Our team of chefs has designed a variety of exciting menus that ensure you will never get bored

Breakfast: Our Honey Oat Waffle is a tasty blend of oats and whole grains, lightly touched with a hint of honey. Serve with our sugar free maple syrup for a scrumptious breakfast.

Morning Snacks: Cocoa Cafe Protein Bar - A crisp and delicious protein bar to keep you full and satisfy your cravings!

Lunch: Chicken Teriyaki - Grilled chicken complemented by a flavorful Teriyaki sauce served with a mix of vegetables and roasted pineapple.

Afternoon Snacks: Lemon Cheesecake A delicious treats A single serving cheesecake with a light lemon flavor

Dinner: Stuffed Chicken & Broccoli Grilled, Boneless, skinless chicken breast stuffed with chopped broccoli florets and cheese all served with roasted vegetables and green beans with almonds.

With Diet to Go there is no portioning, rationing, counting calories or carbohydrates We build the perfect meal plan customized for you Our strategy is the make sure our food tastes as good or better than anything you are already eating. It's a proven strategy that has worked for thousands of our customers, Try our diet food home delivery service today easy naturally and affordable

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